You have rights.
We have a promise.


Every individual and organization engaging the services of a financial professional deserves to be treated in a fair and ethical manner.  However, what this looks like is not always clear.  That’s why we established a list of Investor Rights that you should demand from your professional advisor.  Whether you’re a client of LSIA or not, exercising these rights with your financial professional should improve your satisfaction with the relationship and provide you peace of mind.

We believe that you have the right to…

1.   Service from a fiduciary, where your
interests are always placed first

2.   Honest and ethical conduct that extends
beyond what is required by law

3.   Transparent fees that are straightforward
and easy to understand

4.   Timely and effective communication

5.   Disclosure of any conflicts of interest

6.   Complete confidentiality of your
information and circumstances

Every individual at LSIA promises
to extend these rights to you
in an effort to deliver a level of
service and transparency that
is second to none. 

Every individual at LSIA promises to extend these rights to you in an effort to deliver a level of service and transparency that is second to none. 

Our guidance. Your peace of mind.